Anthro JP is a website in Japanese for those who are interested in anthropology. In reality, there’s not a lot of Japanese website about anthropology. Anthro JP is available everyone who reads in Japanese.
Anthropology, it’s very interesting, fascinating and what’s more useful even in daily life as we encounter with people with different cultural backgrounds and habits who may speak completely different languages from Japanese.


“Japan’s isolated islands”

Many Japanese people say that. And Japanese people often express that they aren’t used to different cultures. Also, some believe that Japan is a homogenous country that has no cultural, linguistic, genetic and physical diversity. But, wait a second! Actually, in Japan, there are the Ainu, Ryukyu, Chinese, Korean, Brazilians, Vietnamese and so on. What’s more, what we call Japanese are the result of mixture of different people with different cultures, languages, ancestries and so forth.

It’s also important to analyze critically notions that we take for granted; Japanese ethnicity, society, language, heritage etc.

That’s why Anthro JP is devoted to introducing ideas about humans, language, culture, human biology, gender and anything related to anthropology.


Interested in writing for Anthro JP?

Sure! Anthro JP is looking for diverse writers who have something to share about any topics related to the human and anthropology. Even if you’re not confident in Japanese, that’s okay. Now, Anthro JP can translate from English and French to Japanese. Just feel free to contact for more information!

Thank you!

Ken, Anthro JP creator/editor



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