About Anthro JP

Anthro JP

Anthro JP is a bit of an experimental website that I (Ken) began, when I was still an undergrad, in order to make anthropology a bit more accessible in Japanese.

Anthro JP’s goals

Anthro JP is a website striving to make anthropology more accessible in Japanese. This means:

It publishes posts in plain Japanese so that many Japanese speakers can easily enjoy reading anthropology; knowledge should not be kept for the intellectual elites. Knowledge of anthropology must not be kept for those who are privileged to have ability to read in foreign languages.

Also, readers have FREE access to all Anthro JP posts.

Last but not least, Anthro JP encourages readers who are better informed by anthropology to take concrete action.

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As most familiar with American cultural anthropology, especially sub-field of medical anthropology, I (Ken) will be updating posts on topics related to medical anthropology and sociocultural anthropology in general.

Having said that, when it’s relevant, I will write posts about topics in any other disciplines like sociology, history, political economy, philosophy, etc.


I’m Ken. I have a B.A. in Anthropology from the State University of New York at Albany. I’m interested in political economy, poverty, hunger, and food production. Writing posts for Anthro JP, I’m learning a lot about anthropology too.

Want your posts to get published?

If you have something to say about anthropology or anything related to humans, yet don’t write in Japanese, Anthro JP may translate your post. Please contact anthrojp at gmail.com (at => @).

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Contact Information

If you want to communicate with Anthro JP, please feel free to contact anthrojp at gmail.com (at => @).



Last updated: April 29, 2020 (JST)



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